Tool to find metadata and hidden information in the documents. - ElevenPaths/FOCA

Fingerprinting Organizations with Collected Archives (FOCA) is a GUI OSINT tool that is designed primarily to discover useful metadata that may be hidden with documents, typically those downloaded from the web. FOCA can work with a variety of document types, include Microsoft Office (.docx, .xlsx, etc.) and the OpenDocument format (.odt, .ods, etc.). It can also analyze PDFs and graphical design file types like the XML-based Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.

Like with many of the tools mentioned previously, FOCA scans general search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to find downloadable files. You can also provide local files for FOCA to analyze. Some of the useful metadata FOCA can extract includes user and people names, software version information, operating system version information, printer information, plaintext passwords, and more.

FOCA's functionality has expanded over the years to the point where it doesn't just do metadata extraction, but can also function as a general OSINT tool. It can gather DNS and IP address information, and its plugin architecture enables developers to extend its functionality even further. Note that, unlike theHarvester, Recon-ng, and Maltego, FOCA is a Windows-only tool. It also requires a running SQL server to store its data in a database.