Online articles and other news items can provide insight into the business operations of a target organization. Larger businesses will often be featured by mainstream media outlets. For example, an online news service may report on major new services offered by a business, whereas publications that provide financial news may focus on a company's fiscal performance. News outlets may also report on an organization's impropriety or other negative traits that surround its business.

Articles are not just reserved for larger businesses; even smaller businesses issue press releases for public consumption. These press releases may be published on the company's own website, but often they are published by one or more sites that specialize in publishing press releases. These articles are usually written in marketing speak, but they can still reveal how a business may be changing and how this change affects day-to-day operations. For example, an organization might issue a press release detailing their acquisition of another company and what this means for the parent company's people, products, and technology.

You should essentially treat online news and articles as another resource that won't necessary reveal something significant on its own, but used in conjunction with other OSINT, may help you construct an accurate account of the target organization.