If you can breach a target's physical security, it opens up many opportunities for attack. Just a few of the things you could do include:

  • Take pictures of restricted areas, proprietary devices, and internal vulnerabilities and defenses.
  • Steal devices, documents, and electronic data.
  • Access restricted systems.
  • Plant malicious devices such as keystroke loggers and Raspberry Pis on the private network.
  • Search for new targets.

Before you focus on specific physical attacks, it would help to understand what you may be up against. The following is a list of common physical security controls that might be in place on the target's premises:

  • Door and hardware locks, both physical and electronic.
  • Video surveillance cameras inside and outside of a building.
  • Security guards stationed inside and outside of a building, or patrolling an area.
  • Lighting that makes it easier to spot an intruder at night.
  • Physical barriers like fences and gates.
  • Mantraps.
  • Alarms and motion sensors.