Proxifier – Proxy Client for Windows (RTS)

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Proxifier is a tool which allows us to take advantage of SOCKS proxies when on Windows for task such as RDP.

A free trial is available here –

MobaXterm will be used to connect to the Cyber Security consultant’s deployed AWS instance in which the client deployed Kali will connect and establish a dynamic tunnel. This will be on port 1080 (AWS instance) to your local port 9898 in this example below:

We will then need to create a proxy server within Proxifier.

When adding the proxy server you will get prompted with the following prompt to make it default, make sure to select no as we only want the rules we create to be proxied so you can continue to use Outlook, Teams etc:

Set up the rule for RDP (MSTC.exe) or any other application you wish to proxy, you can also limit the target hosts as shown below:

Note: Ensure to set the action to the proxy server you created.

Now try and RDP to a client RDP server using the configured settings:

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