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Metasploit – Lab

Metasploit is an open source platform for vulnerability research, exploit development, and the creation of custom security tools. In this lab, we’re going to be using Metasploit to attack the Metasploitable2 VM. Preqreq – have a local Kali instance and Measploitable2 VM running. https://hack.technoherder.com/vm-setup-kali-metasploitable2/ Activities Part 1 – Getting Started Update Kali: Start the Kali […]

Active Reconnaissance Hacking 101 Network Scan & Map Tools

Scanning with Nmap – Lab

Prereq – Have a local Kali instance running and Metasploitable2 for a target. https://hack.technoherder.com/vm-setup-kali-metasploitable2/ Part 1 – Setup Launch both Kali Linux and the Metasploitable2 VM and ensure that they are on the same isolated network. Chech which version of nmap you have installed. The nmap commands have evolved slightly over time.  It’s important to […]

Network Scan & Map

Network Scanning

Network scanning is the process of gathering information about computing systems on a network. It is used mostly for assessing system security and performing maintenance, but can also be used by hackers to attack the network. Network scanning is usually the first step in active reconnaissance, where the attacker seeks to discover potentially vulnerable targets. […]

Network Scan & Map


https://github.com/nmap/nmap Nmap, or network mapper, is the most widely used network scanner. It has been ported to most platforms, and is the underlying scan tool in a number of commercial and open source vulnerability testing products. It can incorporate scripts and has speed and performance settings for intrusion detection system (IDS) evasion. You can use […]