Vehicle OSINT Tool Collection

A comprehensive list of websites, add-ons, repositories, and other tools useful for finding information on a target vehicle. Image Tools (Identifying Targets via Images/Videos) Link Description Carnet.ai identifies make/model using image of target vehicle Remini cleans blurry/distorted images LetsEnhance enhances image resolution Media.io removes bright/large objects from images Replicate restores blurry/hazy/damaged photos of faces (potentially […]



In this recon-ng tutorial, discover open source intelligence and how to easily pivot to new results. Find targets and move to discovering vulnerabilities. What is Recon-ng? Recon-ng is a reconnaissance tool with an interface similar to Metasploit. Running recon-ng from the command line, you enter a shell like environment where you can configure options, perform […]


Open-Source Intelligence

Data is money and it is everywhere Open source intelligence (OSINT) is actionable information that has been gathered from freely and publicly available sources. The type of information that can be considered OSINT is not something that an organization or other entity can reasonably expect to keep private. Anyone, regardless of affiliation or authorization, can […]