Mobile Device Management

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Mobile device management (MDM) is the process of tracking, controlling, and securing the organization’s mobile infrastructure. MDM solutions are usually web-based platforms that enable administrators to work from a centralized console. Using MDM, the organization can enforce its security policies, as well as manage applications, data, and other content, all at once on every mobile device that connects to the private network, rather than applying security controls to each device individually. Ultimately, MDM might be a worthwhile investment for organizations whose mobile infrastructure is at risk of compromise.

Common features of MDM solutions include:

  • Pushing out OS, app, and firmware updates to devices.
  • Enrolling and authenticating devices.
  • Enforcing a security policy layer on applications.
  • Locating devices through GPS and other technologies.
  • Configuring devices with specific profiles according to access control policies.
  • Sending out push notifications to groups of devices.
  • Enabling devices to use remote access technologies.
  • Enabling remote lock and wipe capabilities.
  • Constructing an encrypted container on devices in which to keep sensitive organization data.

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