Port Forwarding in RTS

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Adding Additional Port Forwards During Existing Session

A little trick to setup further port forwards within a current SSH session is to press “<shift> <enter> ~ c” simultaneously and then supply the relevant command.

Setting Up Multiple RDP Connections

On the AWS box (connecting to deployed Kali):

Edit the AWS instance .ssh/config to set up port forwards to access internal targets RDP:

Host all-port-forwards
User ithcbsiaspadm
Hostname localhost
Port 2222
LocalForward 4444 172.30.xxx.xxx:3389
LocalForward 6666 172.30.xxx.xxx:3389
LocalForward 4343 172.30.xxx.xxx:3389
LocalForward 6363 172.30.xxx.xxx:3389

Connect to the deployed Kali instance to establish all port forwards:

Connect to each of the established port forward using Putty (Our host to AWS):

Note: Mobaxterm free is limited to 3 tunnels

1. Configure the usual ssh connection settings
2. Configure multiple forwards via Putty (connecting to previous forwards)

You will then be able to establish a connection to each target via built in Windows RDP on the local source port (on your Windows host):

This will connect to 4444 on the Local Forward on the AWS .ssh/config.

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